We develop, design and manufacture according to your requirements:


Exhaust systems made of stainless steel

Piping of exhaust systems, silencers and exhaust gas shafts with V-band clamps and metallic seals including insulation.

  • Elastic tube elements for vibration damping
  • Elastic suspension for vibration decoupling
  • Lightweight construction
  • V-band system
  • Silencing
  • Insulation with fire protection certificate

V-band flange system
We use specially developed V-band flange systems for the tightest installation conditions. Our stainless steel expansion joints have molded ends for direct connection by means of V-band clamps to motors, aggregates or further pipe runs.

Stainless steel hoses

• Hoses for vehicle, industrial, solar and medical technology
• Suction and pressure hoses with all common connections
• Vacuum hoses
• Coolant hoses with screw connections
• Exhaust hoses with V-band clamp system
• The hoses can be equipped with all types of connections according to customer requirements and can be welded on request according to DIN 2827


Stainless steel tube systems

• Coolant lines with elastic elements and V-band clamps in plant engineering and mechanical engineering
• Ladder air ducts for engines in vehicle construction
• Combustion air intake for engines
• Exhaust systems with expansion joints in the V-band clamp system


Stainless steel compensators

  • Single and multi - layered
  • Made of all common stainless steels
  • With various connections

PTFE hoses

  • Application in all areas of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry
  • Hoses for machine and plant construction
  • Suitable for difficult installation conditions and periodic movements
  • PTFE hoses have high flexibility and fatigue resistance
  • All current connection types available at short notice

Exhaust aftertreatment

  • Application of aftertreatment systems from the (commercial) vehicle sector to industry-specific solutions

Battery cooling for electric drive systems


All welding work is carried out under the supervision of an experienced welding engineer and meet the requirements of DIN 6700, proven with the appropriate suitability certificate.

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